No-Bullshit Policy


“Good design is as little bullshit as possible”
– Freely based on ‘10 Principles’ by Dieter Rams

There is no decision without a reason

Often it’s easy for Designers to sell an idea through black magic and the newest design method. It’s harder to explain where ideas come from, but every concept has a reason. If you can’t explain the design decisions behind your concept, it’s bullshit.

Build instead of discuss

If you can test an idea within the same time that a meeting takes, build it! Assumptions lead to concepts that you can’t explain, so assumptions are bullshit.

Don’t sell – Educate!

There is a reason you got hired – ideally you have experience designing stuff. If you know that certain things won’t work, tell them why. Don’t make money selling bullshit.

Use understandable language

If you hear buzzwords like IoT, Web 4.0, Shareconomy or ‘Buzzword’, question everything – it might be bullshit!

To be continued..

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