This is a repository of experimental and/or public projects for my personal reference. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about my professional work.

Evil Twin
The Evil Twin app is an experimental motivation app that aims to change the habits of an individual in a humorous way. is an educational prototyping tool for synthetic biology.
The PyroGraph is a big scale experimental plotter which uses a soldering iron to burn images on to paper.
140 characters
This data visualization is an exploration of the happiness of CIID’s IDP students during the one-year course.
Eventyr Pakke
Eventyr Pakke connects the Copenhagen library and historical places through an interactive story created by kids.
The interactive installation Caba visualises CIID’s network and the relative direction of its members towards Copenhagen.
Fabulous Total Security Kit
This speculative project is an exploration of products that help citizens of the future to protect against ubiquitous governmental surveillance.
Window Farm
This window farm uses various sensors and a microcontroller to sense its environment and adapt accordingly.
The Geometry CD contains different explorations in experimental data visualization and interactive 3D-graphics.
This logo for the German design office Botschaffft is generated by a Processing sketch and will therefore always looks different.
Estimer is a kind of weather forecast for highly frequented office supplies. This fictive system predicts the availability of Printers, coffee machines and other objects of daily use.
Nano Exhibition
The 'exhibition in a can' is a concept for an augmented reality exhibition explaining nanotechnology
Projection mapping
Projection mapping is a technique for mapping the image of a video-beamer on a real object.
Sound Map is an experimental music interface. The surfaces of a sculpture can be spotlighted with a laser pointer, which plays a sound in response.
The Typolizer is an equalizer for typography, that allows you to manipulate a font through rotary knobs and switches.