I’m a freelance interaction designer, researcher, and consultant specialized in design thinking and creative technology.

I help start-ups, and S&P 500 companies, explore, validate, and design future products—no matter if they are apps, websites, services, hardware artifacts, or vision pieces.
Previously, I worked at IDEO in Silicon Valley and studied interaction design at CIID in Copenhagen.

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Midjourney AI, Games, and Design Intent
Generative AI and its use cases
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Christmas cards 2021
Generative Christmas cards
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New website
About the decisions behind the redesign of this website.
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Evil Twin
The Evil Twin app is an experimental motivation app that aims to change the habits of an individual in a humorous way.
kitchen.bio is an educational prototyping tool for synthetic biology.
The PyroGraph is a big scale experimental plotter which uses a soldering iron to burn images on to paper.